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What we drive, where we drive, why we drive and other observations
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Over there and not over here
Opel Astra GTC Turbo ... Unless you are a religious fanatic about German cars, you probably wouldn’t remember that one of the last Opel models to reach our shores was the sporty Opel Mantra (1971-1975) or that the last American Opel was an Opel in name only, the easily  ... more

Something for the Weekend, Sir?

"That's a hairdresser's car......."
For those of us with a few miles on the clock such a sneer would bring up familiar images, Triumph Spitfires to BMW Z3s........

    ... more

She was tall, thin and tarty and she drove a Maserati
  A few weeks ago the phone rings and it is Kerry Morse asking, " Wanna drive a Maserati? I am going out for the Grand Am race and the Ferrari Historics. You can write up the Maser for the site because I am        ... more >>>

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One of a fleet

V20 Astons
It’s a dirty job but you gotta do it……………well, sometimes the life of travel and toil at the circuits is better than others…….rain at Oschersleben or snow at Snetterton is more than a little disappointing or even discouraging…       ... more

Lizett Bond on what to drive to get groceries: Aston Martin DB 9
Name a car that you would not expect to see in a small town in Idaho?   A Porsche?  Naw, they’re everywhere.  A Mercedes Benz?  Been there, leased that …hmmmm…how about an Aston Martin DB9.  Oh yeah, now there is a ride that is your average small town daily driver. Perhaps if you live in Newport Beach. .
    ... more >>>

Mini with a greasy heart, Automatic Man
The BA flight from Stuttgart was crowded and hot and seemed to take an inordinate amount of time. I had flown from L.A. to London and then on to Germany because I like Virgin's premium economy when you can get on the upper deck. Done deal and after a week at Porsche I was ready for a tall G & T at a fashionable dive bar in London. Jim Bamber was waiting in his BMW to act as the taxi for an afternoon and we hit the traffic.                                        ... more

still life moving

A Bullet of a Ride John Dinkel takes on the new 2005 Ford Mustang
There’s an expression that goes something like this: "If it walks like a
duck, and it quacks like a duck, and it looks like a duck, it must be a
duck. Well, the person who wrote those words never drove a 2005 Ford Mustang because the only connection between the new car and its predecessors, except for the looks, is purely coincidental. To my eyes that is both the strength and the weakness of the new design.  Frankly, I was tired of retro design the first time
   ... more

To GT or not to GTJPG
Sea GT

Reims, Le Castellet, Le Mans ......... all part of the French motorsport legend ........ 4 days to catch them all, armed with the Baby Aston ........ a job for Laban and Brooks .......... another raid over enemy territory ....... here are some reconnaissance photos.....                                                ... more

Terry Burkhart trucks her blues away aboard a Bentley Continental GT
Between the dates of the Moto GP, the Monterey Historics and the ALMS at Laguna Seca, hardly a day goes by that something special doesn’t cruise by my house in Pacific Grove. After a while the "old seen that before" feeling comes around. Terrible I know but the peninsula is an automotive Mecca of sorts.   ... more

radar not in use

Volvoing south of the California border with Bruce Benedict
Sport is where you find it and what you make of it. Last year Volvo decided that the Baja peninsula would be el perfecto to show off their new XC 70. Journalists were flown in from all over the planet and as a gig like this means documentation, a call when out to ace lensman Bruce Benedict. If it is film or video, Bruce is the man. Whether hanging out of airplanes or a camera strapped to a pair of skis, he will get the shot. Instead of words on how the XC 70 performed, here are a few of Bruce's images of the show in Mexico. ... more

I Believe in the Power

The British are coming..........
Well, no actually ........ more of an Anglo-German thing ........ Lions led by ...... well, whatever they are.
I personally blame Brian Laban, it was his suggestion that I accompany him on a road trip in the US, sponsored by BMW UK and aimed at the Daily Telegraph Motoring Section ....... he had the bright wheeze that we would take a Mini Cooper down the Eastern Seaboard and call in to places with names that originated in England .......... we could still be there given the huge number of possible targets but the drive from Boston to Orlando was certainly different    ... more

the dark side

Down on the Waterfront: Bruce Benedict pirates the Volvo XC 90
After having the biggest opening weekend of any film in history, it is pretty obvious that the suits at marketing for Volvo played their cars right ! Having your boat attached to the armada that is Pirates of the   ... more

Wedding Vows:
Lizett Bond on what to drive to a wedding: Land Rover LR3
Thought Process
What’s the first thought that occurs to a woman when a wedding invitation arrives in the mail?   WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?     .
.. more