Volvo XC 70
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Volvoing south of the California border with Bruce Benedict

Sport is where you find it and what you make of it. Last year Volvo decided that
the Baja peninsula would be el perfecto to show off their new XC 70.
Journalists were flown in from all over the planet and as a gig like this means
documentation, a call when out to ace lensman Bruce Benedict.

If it is film or video, Bruce is the man. Whether hanging out of airplanes or a
camera strapped to a pair of skis, he will get the shot. Instead of words on how
the XC 70 performed, here are a few of Bruce's images of the show in Mexico.

    Kerry Morse
   February 2006

Bruce filming
buzz the fuzz
not on Pitcairn Island
see est ah pooch
valet parking
dust sweeper
border run
seanplanes in dock
better than borax
drivers wanted
trim tabs
merging traffic
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