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Glorious Goodwood
The world’s largest airliner twisted and turned overhead, someone rode a motorbike across the roof, a bunch of very American dragsters fired-up simultaneously in the middle of a very English cricket pitch, a bloke with a pony tail at the wheel of a 20-year-old Jag outgunned all the young hotshots in their Formula 1 cars. Could only really be Goodwood, couldn’t it?.....more

David Soares on Setting the Scene in Monterey
This year’s Monterey Week coincided with my annual vacation and I wound up putting a good 500 miles on my semi-vintage air-sucker visiting friends and gawking at other people’s cars.  My week was all about driving the Central California roads that have been my stomping grounds for the past fifty-plus years.  Those fifty years have been pretty close to half of the history of the automobile that was on parade on the Peninsula.....................more....

David Soares on Tales of the Rum Runners

The Grand American Rolex Series came to play in my local sandbox at Laguna Seca once again last month and Editor Morse and I joined in for all- American racing, barbeque, and Pabst Blue-Ribbon beer.  Oil prices are currently on a rocket ride and the greenback is in freefall but Grand Am showed up with an enormous forty-one car field featuring some of the biggest names in road racing pedaling all those Daytona Prototypes and GT’s....more

Art is Long, Life is Short: Andrea Pininfarina
I suppose it is a fitting tribute to the late Andrea Pininfarina that so many of the styling creations that came from the fabled firm are on display throughout the Monterey Peninsula this week. Whether on the lawn at Pebble Beach, in the paddock at the Monterey Historics or parked outside a bistro in Carmel, nothing has more presence or drama than the rolling sculpture from the vision of Pininfarina

I Read the News Today Oh, Boy……………………
Sports car teams come and go as the seasons change, that fact is a given without any doubt. A professional team, whether as a long term investment or just a seasonal one off has to look the part and act like they belong in the show. People such as Sylvia Proudfoot are indispensable in getting that aspect right. Her resume includes the great names and manufacturers of the sport as well as the tossed together late entries who run the major endurance events.......more

Estate Agent
Now firmly established as one of the "must do" motoring events each year, the 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed justified the "claim to be the world’s biggest and most diverse celebration of the history of motor sport and car culture".
Every form of motorsport was featured from the earliest to the latest, 2 wheels to four or more, Sir Stirling Moss to Lewis Hamilton, the Wacky Races.....more

The Cowboy Cayennes – Riding the Wind of the Transsyberia Rallye
I attended my first Cowboy Poetry Festival in Elko, Nevada in 2004. Expecting to see some of my favorite poets, folk singers and country acts, what I was not anticipating was to find some of these entertainers to be from Mongolia.
Never having even heard of a horse head fiddle, a “long song” or of throat singing, the idea of becoming completely enchanted with the ambassadors of such a foreign, distant and exotic land was never entertained.......more

Press On Regardless    David Soares on the Long Beach Grand Prix
As this year’s racing season got underway I counted up twenty-four years since I last attended a race at the Long Beach street circuit.  I enjoyed CART as much as the next motorsport fan (a close friend’s family actually owned a team for a while), but although I maintain a certain sentimental attachment to youthful indiscretions during Long Beach’s  Formula 1 era......more

David Leslie & Richard Lloyd
The news came through as I sat in the Brands Hatch Press Room………a jet had crashed at Farnborough, no, not the one in Hampshire but Kent, just up the road……there was some question as to whether Sunday’s BTCC races might be affected…….the track’s emergency services would be on standby................more

50 not out…………
The British Touring Car Championship clicked-up its first half century when the new season got underway at Brands Hatch in March. It’s seen a few changes during that time, as was amply visible when inaugural champion Jack Sears and his Austin Westminster posed on the grid with reigning champion Fabrizio Giovanardi’s Vauxhall Vectra....more

The McLaren of Jane Austen or The Pie, The Bull and other things…
Think of Jane Austen country and what comes to mind, a landed gentry, leisurely strolls through verdant pastures, sheep, cattle and, of course, the horses? But just how many breeds of horses are hiding out in those peaceful, green, gentle hills? And better yet are they all of the four legged variety? Sense tells us it is prime horse, cattle, and sheep country, what if sensibilities were interrupted by the roar of something that travels on four "legs" of a different form?...more

Sheboygan Express
The closing moments of Saturday’s Generac 500 presented by Time Warner Cable came almost too close for Audi’s liking. The diesel-powered R10 TDIs were marred back in fourth and fifth place overall with the clock ticking in the four- hour race. But the late-race pressure didn’t faze Marco Werner, as with just 14 minutes to go.......more