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Something for the Weekend, Sir?

 "That's a hairdresser's car......."

For those of us with a few miles on the clock such a sneer would bring up familiar images, Triumph Spitfires to BMW Z3s........these cars evoked mild contempt from the cognesecti, we knew that these vehicles were essentially all show and no go, mind you compared to the shitboxes that we actually drove they were pretty good, Art Arfons was not the only Green Monster in town.

So up pops an assignment to shoot a Vauxhall Twin Top on the Isle of Man..............this must surely be a modern day example, well actually no. While it may lack the charm of some sportscars its ability to get the job done in comfort and efficiency lifts it out of any derogatory class and after a few days in the sun with the roof down it began to grow in stature.......

As to the Isle of Man, this is almost certainly the maddest tarmac on the planet, and that from the seat of a hairdresser's car............on a bike? Beyond imagination.

John Brooks
February 2008

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