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Just in time for the Holidays

Is that you, Tom?

Remember all those books and seminars dealing with how to get sponsorship to
go racing that were in vogue years ago? I donít know anyone who actually got
anywhere with the motorsport equivalent of earning big money stuffing envelopes
in your spare time. So it came as no surprise when I came across the latest way to
try and secure a sponsor with deep pocketsÖ ebay. Yep, that's right. You want to
go racing, list it on ebay. Last week an individual (I cant believe it was a major
company but it could be Tom Walkinshaw) registered in the UK with no feedback
history offered a complete team to run at Le Mans in 2005. The starting bid was a
mere 1,997,000.00 sterling.

Just check these features
If you are the lucky bidder you are entitled to a LMP prototype with a Judd 5.0 V-10
stuffed in to a carbon tub of sorts that will be designed and built in your very own ex
F1 factory located in the UK Lots of downforce is promised as is six forward gears
and a Motec system. Visit the wind tunnel, the composite shop and play with the
3D Cad.

As seen on TV
The seller says he has two productions companies that want to document the
project from start to finish and air the story in a series of half hour shorts.
In addition, the car will have in shakedown and then compete in Europe and the
US If it all works out, additional cars will be built and sold so you can recoup your
investment. Now why didn't Panoz think of that ?!?

Money, itís a hit
I found the whole description amusing but I understand the reasons why it was
done in such a manner. One is the novelty of having it listed on ebay, that alone will
get you coverage but not necessarily any money. A listing on ebay saves a lot of
time from getting meetings cancelled, three martini lunches with prospective
investors who bail only after you have paid for lunch. That one person who is
willing to take a chance (and isn't all motorsport just that) may just be intrigued by
the approach and contact the seller. Why not?

The Price is right
Who knows, this may be the wave of the future. Dave Price can list his team on
ebay and a seller who has a car and no team will end up with Pricey. Maybe this
isn't such a good idea after all.

Ebay D-way
After you read this, go to ebay and type Jaguar D-type in the search box. When I last
checked the bids were over $ 820,000,00 and the reserve was not met. Only five
more days to get your bids in. Good luck !

Kerry Morse

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