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So this is Christmas…

The holiday season in Southern California has it’s own surreal moments. The
east may have snow, we get fire, rain and earthquakes. Still, even with the parking
lots jammed, the plastic being swiped and the debt piling, when those quiet
moments happen during the holidays when you are with friends or loved ones, it is
special. Sometimes it can just be the surroundings… I had to make a trip to
Weissach one December ( no, not for the Porsche Cup dinner ) to finish up some
research that required the assistance of Jurgen Barth. I had done this trip several
times over the years in the winter months and I actually liked being in the cold and
the snow again. The factory would be winding down and things were usually in a
more relaxed mood. Even the racing dept. would take a break even while working
hard towards the next Le Mans. Usually I stay in Frankfurt the night before my flight
to cut down on the hassle of getting to the airport on time and in this case, I was
going to have dinner with the Joest family and then continue on to Frankfurt. As I
was leaving the Joest house and the small village of Waldmichelbach, the main
road was closed leading back down to the autobahn. The detour took me to a
narrow one lane road that went through a large clearing surrounding by a typical
German forest. The moonlight reflected off the snow with a warm glow even as the
temperature was near freezing. As I crested the top of the clearing I came across
something totally unexpected. To my left almost a quarter of a mile away on the
edge of the forest was a small tree that had been decorated with a string of white
lights. I stopped the car and got out for a while. Not a sound, no wind, no cars,
even the forest was quiet. In a midnight clearing, a truly peaceful sight.

Santa baby…

But enough with sappy sentimentality, I sent a note to Santa and asked him to
consider the following presents for those who have been nice, and a gift certificate
for those who have been naughty.
Another chance for Allan McNish to show why he belongs in the ranks of F1…
Good health for our friend Cara de Vlaming…
David Donohue finally wins the Daytona 24 hours
English lessons for Dave Price
A new saddle for Conny’s horse
The Pulitzer for Jim Bamber
Something other than an Audi to win this year in the ALMS
Prototypes that look like race cars for Grand Am
Give Rafanelli anything he wants
Nothing for Joest, he already has everything
Let Norbert Singer run Porsche
How about a ride for Kelly Collins ?
One more drive at Le Mans for Jurgen Barth just for the fun of it
A Leica M7 for Terry Burkhart
Fabrice Bourrigaud gets to drive in his own race
Have Pete Brock write the tech regs for GT racing
David Brabham wins Le Mans
Don’t forget something for Guy Smith other than Le Mans
A flat in Paris for C-MG ( no more train to & from La Sarthe everyday )
Jeff Zwart wins his class at Pikes Peak…again.
Another trip to the World Finals for Lizett Bond & the girls.
How about a full time gig for the Padre, Mike Youles.
All future automotive design must be cleared through Peter Stevens.
A Bonzo Dog Band reunion
New BMW Art Cars
Harald brings his 512 to Laguna Seca for the 2004 Monterey Historics
Green grass for the hills of Laguna Seca
Stuball gets to take over Autosport
Patience for Wayne Taylor at the start of the season
A golf cart for Tim Crete that can ride on Champions’ truck all season
Something other than Porsches for Kevin Jeannette
Eva Maria Burkhardt gets another race series to succeed
Fiona Miller gets to see her family on weekends and still get paid
A new hat for Sheriff Rick Dole
Bill Oursler gets a talk show on radio
Convince Ford to race the new GT40
Doughnuts for everyone in the media centers
A new race track in Southern California
Chris Parsons and Mark Cole get remembered for the days of Group C
Jaguar comes back to sportscars
Success for Aston Martin
A membership to hair club for Regis
Maybe a day off for Vanessa and Larry
Nobody gets hurt or crashes while competing in a vintage/historic race
A new white van for Brooksie
A year’s supply of rolling papers for Andrew Cotton
Gardening tools for Michael Cotton

And don’t forget a full recovery for John McLoughlin

And the bells were ringing out on Christmas day…

Kerry Morse

Christmas Cheer
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