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What the World needs now is……..another website about

You can see why good ole Burt Bacharach rejected that line……showing the good
taste and judgement that bought him a string of classics and even showed him
the way to San Jose.

If such a musical titan rejected this plot line then why are Morse, the Cottons and I
plunging headlong down that particular ravine?

Because it’s there? Well, yes actually.
Sportscars and their competitive antics attracts the usual cast of obsessive,
compulsives who also chase locomotive engines and the life and times of Black
Sabbath……….so too their websites are a reflection of this.

What are we going to do that’s different?

Hmmm, it is probably easier to say what we are not going to do.

No race reports as events unfold, no forums, no competitions, no minute by
minute breaking news of events that rarely mean much, no endless photo
galleries of the same shot, badly taken…………

You get the picture, there is a broad canvas out there and we are going to splatter
our oils on it when we have something to say and not before then.

The site is unusual in that the main suspects are all working in the sport already
not peering from the outside trying to find a magic key to gain admittance and a
free media pass for lunch. We know the resource that we all have the greatest
shortage of, even more than money, is time…… just this once we intend to use
this fact to govern our course……….we won’t say much but what we do say will be
worth listening to.

Viewed coldly there are only two things in the sportscar area of any worth……….Le
Mans and the people who labour away in the business……….saints, criminals,
lunatics, fantasists, good blokes, complete shits and people who make me laugh.
This procession of heroes and villains is the world that I now inhabit some 25-30
times a year.

There are worse places to be.

Our aims……. To stimulate mainly, to entertain usually and to annoy
occasionally………climb in for the ride.

John Brooks

Bentley EXP Speed 8 s/n 004/1 - Kristensen - Capello - Smith
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