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Shake Not Break

After taking a self-imposed exile for the last few months from the clutter and spin of what worldwide motorsport has become, it is interesting to re-enter the fray. I am packing a bag for a quick trip to Geneva while Petit Le Mans is on the box and plan to use the time in the air to pen a longer piece on a few topics for later next week. After years of not taking a break, a step back to observe, read and listen gives a far different picture, and if a step back is being motionless, we all should try it more often. Simply put, too much talk about things that are not worth all that much to begin with. Racing is about money, having the money to race and having the money to waste. Then there are the politics.

With that in mind, a few subjects to tackle during this flight….

Why does the Euro Le Mans series have 40 plus entries and Petit Le Mans has 28?

What is the real reason that Tony Dowe, under the front of Tafel Racing, is splitting time between Grand Am and the ALMS for the 2007 season.

What happened to Alex Job Racing in Grand Am and what are the differences between the expectations and reality of the upcoming GA season ?

Is Mike Rockenfeller the smartest businessman in sports cars today ?

How Porsche is falling further behind while maintaining the façade of being ahead.

Why should manufacturers have any trust in the management of the ALMS ?

How Grand Am will give Porsche the shaft again in 2007.

Why Peugeot will have problems at Le Mans.

Is there such a thing as cost containment ?

What the Paris Auto Show meant for LMP2.

Why Alex Job was the team of the year in Grand Am.

Why regardless of what happens between Petit and Laguna Seca, Intersport is the team of the year in the ALMS.

James Dean crashed his Porsche Spyder near Cholame, CA on this date 51 years ago.

Until next week…

                                          Kerry Morse
                                     September 30, 2006

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