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Prototype Pumpkins

The end of October and what passes for a fall season in Southern California is in full vogue. And of course good old Halloween makes its yearly appearance on the 31st although there are plenty of costume stores that are open year round. How many of all tomorrow parties are there out there that require dressing up as say, a politician (gasp) or even worse, a race car driver?

Halloween still requires a lot of imagination and in this brief paragraph ( and mostly as a grid filler because my words on Laguna Seca aren’t finished mostly because I have not started it either ) it reminds me of what may be coming to a close. A lack of imagination in what used to be a playground of ideas. The scenario that Formula One could become a true spec series is disheartening. It’s bad enough that the current crop of F1 machinery looks like what a single seat version of what a prototurtle could be if delegated per Grand Am, and the thought of a spec type motor? Why not a bunch of prerecorded kazoos?

Does anyone really hold out for the cost cutting nonsense that gets trotted out every few years like a presidential campaign? Is it any wonder that when people speak of the Can Am it’s the McLarens and Porsche 917 turbos that are considered the highlights the series. A basic set of perimeters and the rest of the thinking was free. Isn’t that how it should be at the so called pinnacle of the sport. Can’t afford it then don’t do it. F1’s change will bring the focus back to sports prototypes where the most radical development that benefits true production vehicles has been on display at Le Mans among other venues.

Remember, the radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” was a prank for Halloween…. and the first three letters of fiasco are FIA. And after Sunday’s final round, the real season begins.

                                                                   Kerry Morse
                                                                 Halloween 2008

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