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All of us here at SportsCarPros love Cara de Vlaming.

Hell, for that matter almost everyone who knows her is in love with the tall Dutch

She is the kind of woman that just simply makes one feel good just being around

She is among the best at doing her job or whatever task she is assigned but it is a
lot more than a capable person just doing her job. Cara, like her close friend Fiona
Miller (now at ProDrive), is able to transcend the job and give it a sincere reason
for its existence.

Any dummy can issue a press release but mere words on paper can't make one
care now can they? Why is this on the front page of our site you may wonder?

Well, first of all it is our site and we can post what we feel like and two, well, it
seems that our Cara isn't feeling all that well at the moment.

She was on her way to the United Arab Emirates for her gig with Mitsubishi Ralliart
and got severe cramps and pain in her legs and back area. Upon landing in
Dubai, Cara was taken to the American Hospital where she has been under care
by a top staff.

I spoke with her by phone and she sounded very tired due to the medication but
was quick with a comment or two as to her surroundings being as close to a four
star resort as one would ever be in. That sounded to good to be true as hospitals
are not supposed to be THAT cheerful, I told her that I was going to look in to a
direct flight from L.A. to Dubai…. As of this writing, it is being discussed by doctors
in Holland and the staff in Dubai as to bringing her home on a special flight, as
she cannot sit up.

Cara has many friends and the respect of a great many of those in the arena of
motorsport. She will be OK and back to work soon, that is a certainty. She knows
how we feel about her, so no sappy get well card. Just the simple
acknowledgment that we are thinking of her…

Kerry Morse

Cara and a bad snapper
Coffee Cara
I run this show, thank you
Cara of Arabia
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