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Letter Box Edition

The other day someone asked me if we ever get letters, emails, death threats or
other mystic hoodoo voodoo. “Yes, we do,” I replied in quick. “Brooksie usually
forwards on to me the correspondence of those deemed uncertifiable for most
asylums.” Actually, the response has been encouraging in showing that people
still know how to form an opinion, and in most cases people do their best to make
a point in an articulate manner. Of course there have been exceptions…

Postcard from Jamaica
Hey Mon, why you so hard on the Grand Am? It seems that Bill Oursler’s recent
attempt on Grand Am Redux has inflamed a few of the folks out there in television
of the mind land. Some missed the whole point of what Oursler had scribed, he
wasn’t on record as to whether he favors the Grand Am or not (he won’t say) but
that they have a bunch of prototypes and the “other” series doesn’t. That is a reality
that cannot be ignored. A letter from a Joe 123 was so clever in its wording that I
accused Oursler of writing it himself. Redemption songs indeed.

Histories are Us
One note arrived asking when I was going to ponder what the value of some of the
current day dung beetles were going to be worth after their racing days were over.
Good question, especially in light of the fact that the old obsolete Group C and
GTP hardware is reasonably priced and faster than…

Will a Grand Am car be a good investment as a vintage racer one day? I can only
answer that by asking how you felt about IMSA Camel Light cars and Group C2…
Costas won more than he Los. Just remember if you see an ad that says, “Never
Raced”. It really means, “God knows I tried”. Very true. I read that line somewhere
years ago but can’t place it. If you know, drop a line would ya?

Excuse me, are you a professional photographer?
John Brooks gets an inordinate amount of mail dealing with his photographs.
Nothing as wonderful as someone wanting to buy something but mostly asking
as to how one breaks in to the bigs and gets paid for it. As soon as Brooksie gets
paid for being a photographer he plans on publishing a book that answers that
very question.

Long may you Rum or do you have any proof?
No, this isn’t in response to those out there that thought we made the whole
Corvette fiasco up, but letters asking where the interviews are. A bottle of 151 can
make for an interesting prop when transcribing tapes. There are a number of them
that are almost ready and will surface soon enough. Even though a few are
months old, their datedness will make for timely reading. Wait till you hear why
Brumos is in Grand Am….

Dead Letter Office
Those who asked for Cara de Vlaming’s home telephone number were ignored,
as were requests for Andrew Cotton to speak at a G-Wagon Diesel Owners
dinner. And my favorite of the month asked if the crap came from me or the
horse… shovel it

Kerry Morse

Mailman, bring me no more Blues...
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