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Henri Pescarolo:  Auteur

  A hundred years ago a Renault ran around a makeshift layout near the
department of France known as La Sarthe. Later today a couple of diesels will
lead a field of modern day chauffeurs and their petrol powered mounts
in what simply is referred to as Le Mans. This edition has already made history
regardless of the outcome.

  If there was a surprise in final qualifying it was that Dindo sandwiched in
between T.K. and Nishy, grabbed pole aboard the famous Joest number 7.
It was expected to be an all Audi show with only the Pescarolo duo realistically
with a chance to wrestle the top slot in front of the home crowd.

  Audi has spent U-boats full of Euros to get the diesel project where it is today and
they can be justly proud. The run at Sebring was more of a demonstration than a
race and of their commitment for a diesel future.
Most likely their efforts will give them a P1 and the top step on the podium come
the end of Sunday.

  I kind of hope they don't win. Here's why…

Breathless and the Grand Illusion
  French cultural has given the world a great deal, among the most influential of
course was the French new wave of filmmakers. The Godards, Truffauts,
Chabrols. Those who ushered in the age of the Auteur… What France has never
produced has been an authentic rock and roller. Aside from Eddie Mitchell and
Johnny Hallday, it just isn't their scene. What France has given the racing world is
a genuine and authentic auteur with a rock and roll heart in the manner of one
Henri Pescarolo.

  Based in Technoparc of Le Mans, the small staff of Pescarolo Sport campaign
their highly modified Courage C60 Judd powered prototypes in the LMES but with
the main focus on the 24 Heures du Mans. Sure, the odds are not favorable that
they will succeed but it won't be due to a lack of trying. Henri Pescarolo puts
almost everything in to his team and the tight knit vibes is like a rhythm that drives,
a French soul music if you will, the team.

  Pescarolo didn’t go in to retirement after he hung up his helmet, he could of. His
career is the stuff that legends are made of…. Four time winner of Le Mans, over
fifty starts in F1, twenty two major endurance wins aboard the best rides ever
produced in the form of Matra, Porsche, Lancia, Jaguar, Ferrari. Much like his
friend, Reinhold Joest, he put together a top-notch team. However, Pescarolo has
never enjoyed the total support of a major manufacturer from the financial side
such as his German counterpart has had.

  Pescarolo follows his own path and remains true to his own vision. His cars may
not beat the juggernaut as presented by Audi but no one can ever question the
heart put in to taking the good fight to another competitor.
No one has emerged as a serious challenger to Audi since 2000 with the
exception of corporate owned Bentley and the small, feisty, band of rock and roll
new wave renegades based in Le Mans.

Casino Royale
   That alone makes Pescarolo Sport the favorite of us at scp for the 2006 running
of the 24 Heures du Mans. Or maybe we just want to see a big smile from Madie.

                                                                         Kerry Morse
                                                                          June 2006

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