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Ghosts Upon the Road

  I had a lot of time to cogitate during my last road trip which involved hauling the
infamous " I didn't want to tow it in January " Lotus 26R. It needed to go up for a
service to Jim Groom in Berkeley and there was a wreck of an original 26R that
needed to be brought back to SoCal. I was lucky enough to get a E-350 van from
Ford which had a monster torque diesel and the ride was so much more
agreeable that any serious vintage racer should re-think getting a truck to haul
with. As I was doing the drive solo I didn’t need to feel thrashed and the big van
was a great alternative to a dually.

B a bay, b a be, b I bicky by, b oh boy…
  So what is the big deal regarding Maserati, the ACO, IMSA and the release of bio
text press notes via the wireless ? Most don’t know and even more could care
less. Is there any aspect of life that doesn’t involve the need to make noise and
appear to be doing something ? Certainly that is in play here. David Richards, who
as a rally driver knew what it was like to be on one's head, is making noise
because if the Maserati was to actually appear to win ( insert finish ahead of the
Prodrive product ) it will be all that more difficult to find willing buyers for the Aston
Martin DBR 9. Airbags aren't the only things that pop from dashboards.

That's what work is….
  I am sort of typing this in between packing for Sebring and annoyed about all the
wasted time and space about the legal sabre rattling. I am excited about seeing
something cool and that means the MC 12 and more importantly, the Aston DBR
9. That's why I want to go to Sebring, isn't that enough reason right there ?
Sanctioning bodies remind me a lot of little league baseball. They keep records,
provide umpires, a nice place to play, all the stuff we are supposed to need. I have
done the usual coach stuff for my boys in soccer, baseball and ice hockey. But the
fun part, the stuff you remember when it is said and done are the pick up games, a
couple of kids tossing a ball back and forth, screwing around at the park and the
people you have met. The National Hockey League has committed fan suicide in
this country. I was a fan, went to a lot of games, cheered the players worth
watching, even went to a Stanley Cup game and spent the bucks. So now there is
no pro hockey season. Aside from an adjustment of having a few more free hours
due to time no longer being in front of the TV watching the games, I don’t think
much about it. Has it hurt the game of hockey ? Only from the viewpoint of those
who earn their living from it. My oldest son still plays every week as does his
friends. If the ALMS went away would the SCCA runoffs be affected ? If Grand Am
disappeared from the radar would it matter ?

An ache in the steak or a moo-ving meal…
  I loaded up the wrecked 26R in Marin and after an adventure filled time of hauling
a trailer through the streets of San Francisco headed south. The most interesting
comment about the red ghost remains of the 26R came from a woman in Danville.
I was fueling up the E-350 and she came over and asked me if it was a Ferrari. He
son thought it was, she knew better but wanted to confirm. I offered to sell it to her,
she wisely declined. I later called Terry Burkhart and we met for dinner at Harris
Ranch just off the 5 a few miles from Kettleman City. Terry also brought along a
few sealed bags of almonds from her recent harvest. " These are for Sebring and
give a bag to Vanessa " she firmly stated.

Another reason for going to Sebring.

                                                                                       Kerry Morse
                                                                    March 2005

is it a Ferrari ?
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