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Blood Vetting

Can anybody come forward with a rationale for this bit of cowardice and stupidity? I
don't have a lot of patience in the morning, actually I am rather unpleasant, so
yesterday while practicing my morning therapy of making a large latte, the phone
rang. It didn't improve my mood or outlook.

The Call
Yeah, what?

Hey, there have been some changes at GM.

So, I don't watch NASCAR. Why should this be news?

That's not all of it, next year's Corvette program is getting the management shaft.

Well, I am surprised they let it be this successful this long without interfering with

They let Kelly Collins go.

What the #@%$?!, are you saying he was fired ???

Yeah, and there will be more changes, just not sure what or why. Andy will get it
and I hear Franck.

So what does this mean, more drivers with Visas and Passports driving
Corvettes? We had a perfect example of that kind of contract stupidity with "I get to
qualify clauses" in their contracts.

Not sure, I mean Kelly was the perfect team player, fast when he had to be and
good with equipment. It's all crap. More ex-F1 failures trying to get good seats for
the ALMS.

Oh wonderful, F1 is such an influential sport in the U.S. Have you talked to Kelly, I
mean this is a joke, right?

No, I don't know where he is but it is no joke.

Cause and Effect
I should have paid more attention to what I heard just before Petit Le Mans. There
was something in the air regarding Doug Fehan and that his role and control in the
GM Corvette Pratt Brat operation, among other gigs, was going to get the axe.
Anyone who saw the expression on Feehan's face on Speed Channel during the
race could see that this was a man living the angst…

Happy Halloween
Something very strange is happening and GM has gotten bunker mentality. The
ever influential Peter M. DeLorenzo had scheduled the top three Detroit
manufacturer motorsport honchos for an online interview with
Same questions for all three… Guess who bailed at the last minute? That's right…
Doug Duchardt of GM. Any shuffling of Doug Fehan's influence would have to
originate from Duchradt or one his lackeys. This sudden cancellation along with
the NASCAR GM Pontiac here today and gone tomorrow situation has caused
Duchardt and company to take to the bunker. I couldn't care less about Pontiac but
I do care about Corvette. In the case of Kelly, as fine an American GT driver as
there has been in the last decade, you have to wonder. Be flashy, trashy and
crashy or do your job, get the hot race lap when called for and bring the car home.
GM's spin machine had better go in to hyperspace because there are going to be
questions, media hospitality be damned.

Kerry Morse

The Blues Brothers???
With Dale and Junior on duty at the 2001 Rolex 24
Many thanks
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