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A Time To Dance……  Come on down to Don’s Million Dollar Bash

It really comes down to what gets the blood churning, the anticipation, the fact that it really is something you have to be part of. The real difference between Grand Am and the ALMS simply comes down to the cars that take to the track.  It doesn’t matter how good the drivers are if they aren’t pedaling something that makes one lust after, Hey Mista, can I have a ride in yo’ race car? The hip factor, so cool, all of that will be at Road Atlanta for Petit Le Mans. How serious are the competitors taking it? Porsche has a third RS Spyder to blunt the Acura attack, Audi dispatched their dynamic duo, Nishy and Dindo, back to the colonies just to make sure that the R10 is on pace. How will the Luhr and McNish ballet play out or will it be team orders courtesy of the board of Audi, the bald dude with the headset, that German speaking gentleman. Then there is the lion of France…. claws clipped or extended?

Then there is David Brabham, the Russell Crowe of sportscar racing, playing out Master and Commander. We all know how good Brabs is, he has been the most consistent driver in the history of the ALMS, but a motivated Brabs is something special. From the ground pounding Panoz to the lightning flick of the wrist pass in the Tequila Wagon, his effort may be the show of the race. Porsche is giving Penske all the support it can provide, the season has been a weird one for Roger. They have the points lead, have been winning but have never looked in control, which is a Penske staple. The yellow letter carriers most likely will emerge victorious by Laguna Seca but it will be remembered as the season where Acura came of age. In many ways, it is reminiscent of the FIA GT Series of 1997. Mercedes Benz captured the championship with Schnieder and the CLK-GTR but it was the McLaren BMW of Lehto and Soper that was the most popular.

With the announcement of Corvette heading to the GT2 battleground and with a limited schedule of participation in GT1 for next season, the big news is when they will announce just whom they have signed up. And he is very, very good and in many ways, a natural. GT1 is the class we all wanted more from, the big boys with the big motors. From the Viper, through the Prodrive Ferrari, then the Aston Martins, only the ‘vette kept the lamps lit. And Sir Doug has turned his boys loose this season, which has made for thrilling television and a major headache for those IMSA boys in the tower. Wham bam….

GT2 has been easily the most fractured show of the year. The Bergmeister Porsche of the Lizards is being revved up higher than any six banger ever produced in Weissach, anything to eek out an advantage over the Ferraris. No doubt the Risi squad ever expected anything like the bizarre incidents they have encountered this season. Tony Dowe most likely will go in to the starting motor design business after the letdown that may have cost Tafel Racing a title. Dirk Mueller has done more than drive, he has delivered, the uncalled penalty at you know where was simply a bad call, if you are going to call one, make it two or three and spread the joy. But do it with equal force.

Don’s Million Dollar bash has traveled well over the decade, like a fine vintage wine, it’s all in the corking. We have had a flying Porsche, BMW art cars, Ferraris, a winner that had a V8 in front of the driver, and a party atmosphere that is starting to drift towards Sebring territory. So it’s time for me to get to the LA aerodrome and get to Atlanta. Of course, the main reason for a visit to any round of the ALMS has to be a visit to Vanessa’s…. it’s where everyone seems to live.
                                                                    Kerry Morse
                                                                   October 2008

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