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Bill Oursler on the man behind the curtain

  It takes courage to admit you’re wrong. Yet, the Grand Am’s Roger Edmondson
did exactly that during the Phoenix Rolex weekend following a multi car crash in a
preliminary race that damaging a good portion of his prototype field, when he
announced he had made a mistake in introducing a system of qualifying races for
the Rolex championship. The Grand Am president said that it had not been one of
his better ideas and therefore, it would be cancelled forthwith; period, end of story.

  In many ways, Edmondson, the former boss of the American Motorcycle
Association before coming on board with the Grand Am, has been something of a
shadowy figure. A position more a function of working in an environment controlled
by NASCAR’s famed France family, who, led in this case by Jim France, has been
the driving force behind the Grand Am. Yet, at Phoenix, Edmondson came out of
those shadows in impressive fashion, and in doing so gave everyone hope for the
future of the sport in North America.

The game to play…
  Unlike so many others in the motor sport industry, Edmondson’s passion for his
cause, in this case the often criticized “NASCARized” concept that is the Grand Am
and its Rolex tour, is tempered by a reality – a pragmatism, if you will, that just
because one has the power, one is not always correct in how it is exercised. In
short, it is the one’s objectives, not one’s ego that counts.

  In this posture, Edmondson is joined by his counterparts at the American Le
Mans Series, Scott Atherton and Tim Mayer, who in the face of sometimes strong
opposition from the folks at la Sarthe, have forged a degree of independence
which bodes well for the future of the ALMS, and a certain independence that is
based around a “performance balancing” formula that will permit Atherton and
Mayer to restrict any entry they feel has too great of an edge on its rivals. Like
Edmondson, that displays a great deal of courage on the part of Mess. Atherton
and Mayer. This is particularly so in light of the fact that those restrictions will hurt
the manufacturer set, upon which their championship is founded, the most.

Is compromise solution…
  To put this in prospective, it is necessary to go back nearly a year to the Formula
One U.S. Grand Prix at Indianapolis where the FIA and its president, Max Mosley
were confronted with a difficult situation which required a great deal of
pragmatism to resolve after Michelin refused to guarantee the integrity of its tires
on the combined road and oval course that constituted the Indy F-1 circuit. Instead
of considering the needs of the sport, the promoter, or the fans, the FIA hid within
the regulations and did nothing, an amazing posture for a governing body that has
acquired a reputation for changing or scrapping its rulesbook on a moment’s
notice when it has suited it. Yet, Mosley last June appeared far more interested in
reminding the F-1 community that he and the FIA were the rulers, rather than
taking what would have been the same practical course traveled by Edmondson et

The Paris Sights
  For far too long the racing world has been the victim of shortsightedness
spawned by those with rather small focused agendas and an inability to consider
the longterm effects of their actions on the future of the sport. Consider for a
moment what happened in 1967 when the FIA summarily banned the unlimited
prototypes after the “low tech” NASCAR V-8-powered Ford ran over their European
opposition for a second straight time at Le Mans. In their wisdom, the FIA gave
less than six months notice of their imposition of a three-liter displacement cap for
the prototypes – a limit that just happened to benefit the new French Matra V-23’s
then beginning their journey to Le Mans glory.

  Moreover, when both Porsche and Ferrari took advantage of a regulatory loophole
to create their impressive band of 917s and 512s, the French-oriented FIA quickly
moved to outlaw those cars as well. This even though they brought a new
excitement to the sports car community, and excitement which would vanish with
them for more than a decade before the 956s joined battle with the Tom
Walkinshaw Jaguars and the Sauber Mercedes in the mid 1980’s.

Give me steam…
  In retrospect people will most likely forget Edmondson’s decision at Phoenix to
step back from a concept that he and others felt was the wrong path to take.
However, the mere fact that instead of standing “firm” when he could and denying
the need to make corrections, he did what he did, represents an historic moment
that others should follow when the need arises.

                                                                                   Bill Oursler
                                                                                    May 2006

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76 DP Krohn Racing Jorg Bergmeister, Germany; Colin Braun, Ovalo, TX Ford Riley Krohn Racing
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