2008 ALMS Utah
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Miller Magic

Miller Magic

Races and practice sessions running in full, harsh afternoon light challenges every photographer.  This year the ALMS raced on a reconfigured Miller Motorsports Park.  Gone were the inside loops and numerous great photo locations.  In return the drivers and fans had a faster and more concise course.  New challenges and opportunities remained for the photographers.

A bond exists at the highest levels of the professional ranks, no matter what the field of photography, where snappers will share titbits of information, suggest a shot or location, or loan a piece of gear if need be.  Mutual trust and respect must be earned and is not given lightly.  Across the pond Brits Brooks and Lister are on the list and stateside Chenet, Lefebure Thawley, Sykes and a few others complete the Corps.  The Porsche photog from Pennsylvania gave the funniest line on the year - a loud quip on a crowed photo stand regarding letterhead - left all but one photographer in stitches.  His point: Being a professional is far more than holding down the shutter button and having a "spray and pray" mentality when shooting images.

Many thanks for the creator of Miller Motorsports Park, " the Creator" for the backgrounds, the professional snappers for inspiration and motivation, and the ALMS family for the best subjects in any viewfinder.  You all helped enormously in a half way decent weekend of shooting.

Enjoy the pics.

Richard Dole, May 2008

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