R10 Launch, Paris, December 2005
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We'll Always Have Paris...........

The Eiffel Tower formed the backdrop for Audi rolling out the long awaited
successor to the fabulous R8.............the R10 on first glance looked familiar but
on a more considered inspection it was a clear evolution of the 5 time Le Mans
winner. Underneath the changes are more radical.................a V12 Diesel
engine heading the list of innovations, some disclosed and some hidden

There was a certain coyness about details of the 2006 programme outside of
Le Mans and Sebring; who, when and where were not disclosed but that leaves
something to talk about at the LA Autoshow.

For now admire the sleek lines of the R10..........we will all get familiar with them
as times goes by.

John Brooks
December 2005

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