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Twice Round the Clock

Five years ago the face of the Rolex 24 was very different, still running to rules
broadly similar to the rest of the planet. The previous edition of the race had
seen a titanic struggle between Oreca's Vipers and Pratt & Miller's Corvettes,
after these two GT teams had ground the prototypes into the dust. For 2001 the
French had gone, leaving GM to repeat overall victory, scattering the fragile
prototype class once again.

The big story was the addition of the Earnhardt clan, father and son, to the
ranks of the Vette drivers. It would be the first and last time that they would drive

I was out in the hostile conditions that resembled more spa or Nurburgring
than Daytona...........this is what I saw..........

John Brooks
January 2006

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