SRWC Spa 2000
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Nothing New Under the Sun

Back to Back victories by the LMP2 Penske Porsches over the mighty LMP1 R10 Audis have excited some commentary about the shift in the centre of gravity of the ALMS........but Porsche was weaned for decades on beating cars in the classes above use a thoroughly discredited's in their DNA.........I mean, Excellence WAS Expected.

Clearing out the office this week I was chucking away duplicate backup cdroms and came across a tatty disk entitled SRWC Spa 2000..........which, as I remember, was run a monsoon and won by a young tyro called Filippo Francioni who drove the wheels off his SR2 Lucchini, beating a number of high standard SR1 entries, JMB and BMS 333 Ferraris, DAMS Cadillacs, DPR Panoz, Kremer Lola, etc., etc.

The whole Mangoletsi sportscar era is now ignored except by a few who served in that particular barmy another forgotten expeditionary force our motto was "tomorrow is a lovely day" are a few glimpses in to times past.

John Brooks
April 2007

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