1000km Spa
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Nacht und Nebel

The reputation of the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps to produce
severe weather was further enhanced on Sunday when the
1000Kms was run under wet, cold and foggy conditions ........ that
the race should take place at all was questionable to say the least.

The skills of all of the drivers in these treacherous circumstances
was quite incredible and through the murk emerged a clear winner
in the Zytek of John Nielsen, Hayanari Shimoda and Casper
Elgaard ........ how odd that the victor of the first round of the 2005
LMES did not receive an invite for the big race itself ........... our
resident Gorilla in the Mist left the frites and mayonnaise alone for
long enough to bring us this view of events.

John Brooks
April 2005

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