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Dreams and False Alarms

2004 saw a fleeting appearance of that most rare of creatures in the sportscar
firmament………..a works Ferrari.

This of course was a proper Ferrari…….. a V12 up front competing for overall
honours in a classic 24 Hour race.

The number 11 Ferrari 575 Maranello run at Spa by GPC Giesse Squadra Corse
was as close to a factory entry as it gets…….. a stellar driver team with the best
that Maranello, N-Technology and Pirelli could provide made for a serious
attempt to win the Blue Riband event in the FIA GT Championship.

Ultimately Babini, Peter, Vosse and Salo had to give best to the “British” Ferrari
550 Maranello and settle for second place.

This was the high point in the record of a car that flattered to deceive when taking
a maiden if controversial race victory back in 2003 at Estoril.

Despite being run by top-notch outfits and drivers the 575 was no match for the
Prodrive built 550s and their gentlemen crews nor the Corvettes and let’s not
even think about the MC12.

But at one weekend it was run as a real Ferrari would be…….at the front.

John Brooks
December 2004

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