1000km Le Mans
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Pos Drivers Car Time
1 Ara/Kristensen Audi R8 1m 27.775s
2 Lammers/Wallace Dome-Judd 1m 28.127s
3 Campbell-Walter/Kinch/Coronel Lister 1m 29.056s
4 Andrews/Keen/Lavaggi Lola-Judd 1m 29.102s
5 Newton/Erdos/Goodwin MG Lola 1m 29.533s
6 Sarrazin/Lagorce/Bourdais Courage-Peugeot 1m 29.925s
7 Field/Dayton/Connor Lola-Judd 1m 29.969s
8 Beretta/Saelens Panoz 1m 31.480s
9 Rusinov/Eyckmans/Muscioni Courage-JPX 1m 31.879s
10 Goddard/Short/Carway Reynard 1m 32.236s
John Field discusses progress..
JML Team Panoz.. sole representative in the GTP class..
Seiji Ara pits the Goh Racing R8
Third quickest in GT fro PK Sport, pictured here in the afternoon sun
The Pescarolo Sport Courage in it's spiritual home..
Chris Goodwin was fastest in the 675 class in the RML MG Lola EX257 AER...
Tom Kristensen, Goh Audi R8.. Quickest.. 'nuff said..
Jan Lammers worked hard to beat Tom Kristensen's time.. Here, Jan  takes the RFH Dome across the gravel at the Ford Chicane..
The Cirtek 360 Modena is fastest in GT
Peter Kox is quickest in GTS in the No80 Prodrive 550 Maranello...
Freisinger, fastest of the GT3's
Jamie Campbell Walter brings the Lister Strom LMP in for an early  morning pit stop
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