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The Art School Dance Goes On Forever.............

Anyone who still believes Grand Am is the only road racing series that has close racing has either been drinking too much of that foul tasting Kool-Aid mixed in Daytona or have spent that latter part of 2007 living in a cave. The ALMS finale at Laguna Seca was just the latest example of the superiority of this series which marries high technology, car manufacturer enthusiasm, steel balled drivers and kick-ass racing. Game over cave dwellers!

Laguna Seca in October. Can the racing life get any better? Gil Campbell and company were the perfect hosts to 40,000 fans, a paddock full of teams and media from around the world. Great weather, a super battle between Audi and Porsche (and a lingering “what if” the increasing fast Highcroft Acura wasn’t taken out of race), an historic first for Ferrari, delivery by the Risi boys, and Halloween mask paint schemes on the Corvettes. So to answer the question, can it get any better? You bet….just wait and see what is coming in 2008 and beyond. The first bit of news will come at SEMA in early November and much more to come in the weeks and months to follow. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Richard Dole
October, 2007

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