ALMS at Salt Lake City, 2006
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Temple Shots: Rick Dole aims his Canon at the Utah Grand Prix

Professional photographers have a somewhat uneasy existence. One day you are producing art and the next time around it isnít fit to be used as a placemat. Unlike a nine to five gig, there are few opportunities for do overs and it canít be made up the next day. An unsatisfactory image is like going home and saying you had a bad day at the office. A good shooter welcomes competition, the driven factor of out producing someone else. It is impossible to continue so fine a thread as to constantly be at the top of the game. Brooksie came back from the Ďring last week ready to sell off all his gear. John will recover from this visual letdown, the pros always rebound. (his stuff wasnít that bad, he likes the self-abuse) Rick Dole had one of those race weekends when everything came to him in the form of a canvas and a brush. Dole, like all true artists, is nothing but critical about his own work. So I have to say that while all art is subjective, his images of the ALMS at play in the desert are all about the subject.

                                                                                          Kerry Morse
                                                                         July 2006

View from above
Eyes have it
Three deep
Size matters
Between the lines
Front Runner
Top Peak
Round the corner
Weighty thoughts
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