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Slow Boats to China

The oriental port of Macau, now part of the rising People's Republic of China, has played host to a motorsports festival for the past 50 years.

It is regarded as a Blue Ribband affair and the victors down the years have been among the Greats; Senna, Schumacher. Ravaglia, Soper, Fogarty and Schwantz have all stood at the top of the podium on 2 wheels or 4..........a win on the Guia circuit is earned the hard way, an honour to be worn with pride.

The 2006 edition saw another name added to the Pantheon, Andy Priaulx, whose back to back WTCC titles confirmed his status as "The Man" in the Touring Car world.

SCP had Dave Lister on hand and when not busy with his pot noodles, this is what he saw..........a rare feast indeed.

John Brooks
December 2006

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