ALMS Mosport, 2007
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Mosport 2007 to Mosport 1967 A girl of forty…

What a difference 40 years make you may ask? Not much. The Canadian farmland continues to provide the setting for one of the best road courses in North America. It is a driver's course in the truest sense of the word, separating the men from the boys. Hold onto your balls and test your limits. Other than cutting down a bunch of trees and expanding some run off areas, the circuit itself has changed very little in four decades.
Likewise, the overall facility can best be described as the "Tammy Faye Bakker" of Motorsports" (God rest her soul) - a delusional worn out dirt bag, covered with too much superficial makeup and when looking in a mirror, can only ask "who is the fairest of them all?"

The Saturday press conference held in the interview area of the bottom floor of the leaking media center was filled to capacity. Ten minutes into the gathering, the cars on the track stopped running (so those of us not sitting in the first two rows could hear anything) just in time to hear Don Panoz comment on "all of the great improvements to the facility since last year." Much of the contingent twisted their heads like a dog suddenly hearing a high pitch whistle. Sweet Jesus! Slap me on the forehead and dunk me in water, ‘cuz I still don't see the light. Of course the Devil was at work with the internet again for the 3rd year in a row, virtually no signal. Perhaps this explains why only one of the Toronto papers had a race report in the Monday editions. The track reps blame it on the cloudy weather and the remote location. Damn technology - If only your promising capabilities weren't so limiting! Would someone in Braselton please pass the collection plate? Twice.

Forty years after its debut, using the words Mosport and World Class (the ALMS motto) in the same sentence carries the same weight as NASCAR marketing themselves with The Car of Tomorrow.

Hit your knees and pray for a better tomorrow.

Enjoy the pics.

Richard Dole
August 200

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