ALMS Round 2, May 11 - 12, 2006, Houston, TX
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In the Heat of the Night...............

They call me Mister McNish........ or should that be Mister
Dindo? The 2006 edition of the ALMS blew into Houston,
Texas last week as a support act to Champ Car....the result
was another victory for the Audi R8, now coming to the end
of its long career, and more transmission woes for the
Penske Porsches........maybe Police Chief Bill Gillespie
should be called in to investigate this latest criminal record.
SCP's own law enforcement officer, Sheriff Rick Dole, was
on hand and collected this evidence that you see before

                                                                       John Brooks
May 2006

Darren Turner prepares
Familar Turf
Front Straight
Good Hand
Good Pair
Guy Smith
King James
Lights on Aston
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