24h Le Mans, France
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Emotions and Abstractions: Rick Dole and his 24 Hours

The transition from film to digital has greatly increased the number of images available in virtually every aspect of the human endeavor. Cameras are everywhere, from the latest iphone to the smallest credit card size shooter. What hasnít changed is the difference between the pro and the amateur and that fine line of the moment and getting the shot. Timing is everything, the rest are just a false alarms.

Rick Dole arrived at La Sarthe, went over his assignments and went to work. It is what he does and does damn well. The clients get more than what they pay for. The portfolios show the workman like jobs, efficient, to the point. But it is the human element that he has the availability to get, the stuff that Jesse Alexander used to find at a race, Doleís stuff may be rooted in the 21st century but the roots are with giants like Lewis Hine. Google that !

The images in this gallery are what our readers expect from our friends like Rick Dole. Itís what you want to see, however, I want to comment on one particular shot, Henri Pescaroloís team has had a difficult year. With the factory diesel efforts, his small outfit faced an uphill struggle and Henri was quite vocal about it. As it turned out though, one of his cars finished 3rd and stood with the big Eurodollar teams atop the podium. When Dr. Ullrich went over to shake the hands of the Pescarolo team, Henri took off his hat and bowed. As the cheers of the crowd continued during the trophy presentations, Henri acknowledged the gathering with a generous amount of sincerity and humilty. Itís all there in Doleís shot. That long journey culminating in the ability to rise up above it all.

Kerry Morse
June 2007

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