24h Le Mans, 2006
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The 2006 edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours has come and
gone.......The Audi diesel steamroller wobbled but
triumphed anyway ........... pushed to the limits by the
élan of the Pescarolo equipe ............ salut Henri,
Maddie and the guys 'n gals ......... Corvette prevailed in
GT1 over Aston Martin and in GT2 Don Panoz was
finally rewarded for his years of supporting sportscar
racing with a car bearing his name taking victory over
Porsche and Ferrari.

For the future we have the prospect of Peugeot taking on
Audi and in a year or two the reintroduction of coupes
.......... but while the scars of the latest race heal let's
have a peek through the lens of maestro Rick Dole .....

                                                                       John Brooks
June 2006

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