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David Soares on The Western Dream

  For the thirtieth consecutive year my Le Mans campaign has
remained unfunded and I find myself chained to yet another
season of the daily 8-to-5.  This week was shaping up with
waves of interminable meetings where others passionately
discuss the expedience of circumventing the Fourteenth
Amendment or why we should legalize assault and theft (if it’s
good enough for the government…).  Suddenly my mobile started
its jaunty little Japanese jazz riff.  “Hey, it’s Kerry Morse.  Dominic
Dobson’s rented Laguna Seca for a couple of days and I hear

Rancho Deluxe
  What was the Jordan Playboy tagline?  “Somewhere west of Laramie?”  Even with the dollar in
free-fall there are still a few guys out there who made it and can rent the big sandbox for their toys.  I
begged off my afternoon and drove down to poke around the old paddock.

  I wasn’t disappointed.  As soon as I drove in the gate I heard the sound of the recently restored
1980 Porsche 935 K3 that finished fifth that year at Le Mans circulating the track along with a
Maserati 450S.  Lined up in the paddock were three Listers: two Jags and a Chevy, was this a photo
spread from a 50's Road & Track ?  One of the Jags was beautifully restored and lettered with “W.
Hansgen/W. A. Scott-Brown.”  Small-bore sports-racers were there, an Elva from the sixties and a
Chevron from the seventies.  There was a lovely Aston Martin DB4 GT and down at the other end a
NART Ferrari Daytona Competition.  Behind the garages was a sad Porsche RS-60, its track day
over with the Spyder's perfect aluminum skin streaked by oil and its plain-bearing case pierced by a
connecting rod.  Inside, a perfect 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 was having its new Jerry Woods
motor fettled.  The open-wheel contingent was represented by a Scuderia Ferrari-crested Alfa
Monza and a newly-restored Cooper-Norton.  Parked under an awning was a perfect 1968 Jerry
Titus Mustang Trans Am notchback.  You could take your pick of a Ford GT40 or the new Ford GT (I’ll
take the old one).

Loosen Up Naturally
  The best of the bunch wasn’t taking the track today.  I ran into Bruce Canepa along the pit wall.  He
excitedly dragged me into the garage to see the car he had brought along for display: Rothmans
Porsche 962-002, which had just been completed.  It is rare enough to see a good 962, here was
one of the actual ten cars as used by the factory.  Bruce is happy to report that Steve Earle has finally
decided to include a historic IMSA class for the 2005 Monterey Historics.  I hope that some Group C
cars like Bruce’s 962 are included.  These cars are exciting to watch, and I wonder as to how many
paying spectators are left today who actually saw a Ferrari GTO or Bugatti 35 in competition?

  It’s gratifying to know that on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon in December there are still great cars
still out there being enjoyed by people who really appreciate them.  The Peter Principal may still rule
most of our daily lives, but somewhere West of Laramie they’re still really living…  Thanks for the
call, Kerry.

                                                                       David Soares
                                                         Santa Cruz, CA

business end
that there are going to be some cool cars.  Why don’t you grab a camera and head down?”  Sure I
thought, don't fight it, do it.