World Touring Car Championship, Brno, 2006
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Chevy Chase

Updates from Brooks and I have been somewhat thin on the ground of late ....
Apologies, dear readers, but fear not, there is still life out there in the twilight zone, as
this dim flicker of light filtering through from the Czech Republic illustrates .....  Brno,
of course, was the latest stop of the pro-show that is the World Touring Car
Championship ..... Yours truly was the one who plugged the light bulbs into his head
and overcame a near-total loss of photography equipment on the way out, to bring
you this small selection ....... I must thank David (Merci/Dank u), Thorsten (Danke)
and Louis Alberto (Gracias) for the loan of equipment, Francachek for helping
communicate with the baggage handling people in Prague, the rest of you out there
in WTCC-land for your moral support throughout (including Heike/Norma-
Jean/Heike/Norbert/Fabio/Faye/Gazza, danke/grazie/thanks), and Tommy C, for all
the laughs and for being an all round cool dude (Dank u, mijn vriend) .... and thanks,
also, to BAA for losing my bags during the short 4.5 hours transfer at Heathrow ......
You have progressively turned Heathrow from the light and airy airport of the 70's into
the dark, dank pit of the 00's ...... Congratulations to Huffy, who, having overcome the
not insignificant adversity of Andrew Cotton's driving tips in the Karting at Magny
Cours to rack up his first WTCC "win", finally notched up his first real WTCC victory at
Brno.. We all hope this will be the first of many.. Party on, dude. Finally.. Jorg... Haben
Sie die Prognose gesehen..?

David Lister
September 2006

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