ALMS Laguna Seca, 2006
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Dave Lister: The racetrack in Steinbeck Country

If the season ending finale of the ALMS was to be held anywhere else, it is doubtful that there would be so many "guest" entries. Laguna Seca is simply a place that you want to race at. For the teams, a welcome break and chance to eat great food, the bay and the knowledge that " Hey, I get to go home after this." Once again, Dave Lister hauled out his weaponry and bazooka lenses and took a vacation from the WTCC circus. The U.K. to Paris to SFO and on to a golf cartů. Lister is now back home after dropping a roll of green at Hollywood's Amoeba Records, however before he left for LAX, he forwarded on a few postcards from the track in Steinbeck Country.

Kerry Morse
                                                                      November 2006

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